Where It All Began
I was born and raised in Cairo/ Egypt for the first 22 years of my life. My parents are Egyptian, so I was bilingual from birth speaking Arabic and English. I was fortunate to be able to travel to many different countries and attend an international school that emphasized diversity, tolerance and acceptance of others. As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to help and comfort others, so it was no surprise when I decided to pursue a career in Physical therapy then Osteopathic Medicine later.

Training and Education

  • Postgraduate researcher & Thesis writer -Osteopathic Medicine 2010
  • Graduate OF Canadian College of Osteopathy/ Toronto –Canada 2007
  • Bsc. Degree of Physical Therapy Cairo University, Faculty of Physical Therapy 1985

Hesham Khalil was born in Egypt and currently resides in the states.  He has received his BS in Physical Therapy from Cairo University (Egypt, 1985) and is also a graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy (Canada 2007).  Hesham has had extensive postgraduate training in Fascia, Global Osteopathic Approach, Cranial Manipulations, and Visceral Manipulations by the top leading professors in Osteopathy in Canada, U.S.A., and U.K.

Hesham is an active member of the World Osteopathic Health Organization, and The Chicago Cranial Study Group since 2008, as well as leads a study group (Paulson Rehabilitation Center – Willowbrook, IL USA under Global Manual Approach) designed specifically for PTs and MDs

Hesham (as he prefers to be called by his patients) has taken over 35 classes across the US, UK, and Canada thus far and is skilled in multiple techniques and modalities.  As his learning deepens by working with others he is always searching for the commonalities between different practitioners and healing styles.  He continues to strive to integrate this learning into principles that are easily taught to others, both patients and colleagues.

Hesham has taught courses and given presentations here in the U.S. as well as in, where he works yearly as a locum osteopath. Has presented internationally, on various Global Manual Osteopathic Approach topics in Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Sudan, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Hesham has been promoting Global Osteopathic approach to the Middle East Arab countries since 2005 also he is the founder of the first Osteopathic society (EOS- Cairo) in the Middle East area., He continues to study and learn from numerous sources, applying that knowledge to his work and teaching. Which augments his practice through continuing education courses and case study work.

He founded the Egyptian Osteopathic Society. He impacted Curriculum Changes in some Egyptian university to include the Global Osteopathic thinking as a part of Diagnosis and treatment of Common Somatic Dysfunctions, he has been enjoying spreading his “vision” of how osteopathy can be practiced to his patients and colleagues. 

Hesham enjoys immensely working with people and sees patients from the birthing process through the end of life for a multitude of conditions.  To learn more or to find out if osteopathy can help you please call the office.

Here are some of many achievements:

  • Prompted/ Introduced Osteopathy and osteopathic medicine to North African and Middle East Arab countries since 2005. Where established fair Osteopathic awareness among physiotherapist and physicians. 
  • Starting a legitimate Osteopathic Education program in Cairo/ Egypt / and first in Middle East Arab Countries through an affiliation with the IAO the international academy of osteopathy /Belgium (five years post graduate Part time program for MDs, PTs) the program has started the first class on the 22nd of June 2012 in Cairo to service whole Middle East area and North Africa area. (1st intake coordinated between Osteo-Egypt Training Co.)
  • Nominated as top five PT in US on PT in Today magazine October 2011 PT month 
  • Founder and Chairman of the Egyptian Osteopathic Society (1163/2010- Cairo) A scientific group  of  Health Care professional ( MDs, PTs) with a goal of Promoting two tiers Model of Osteopathy not only in Egypt but to the Middle East Area. (2010)
  • Founder of Paulson Rehab – Willowbrook IL (Global Manual Osteopathic Approach) a study group meeting every other Tuesday around yearlong with main goal of promoting the Global M. O. Approach in Diagnosis and treatment of Somatic Dysfunctions for Healthcare professionals (focus group –PT/OT)-(2010) also Hesham Become part of Ground Round Medical Educator as of August 2012 at Hinsdale hospital and Lagrange Hospital.
  • Promoting Global osteopathic thinking: by Supervising/ Advising Master protocol students in Physical therapy using manual Osteopathic approach.( Cairo University , Pharos University) (2007- Current)
  • Impacting Curriculum change within PT Graduate education in Private Universities : by including introduction to Osteopathic philosophy and Osteopathic Medicine to final year of therapy as a good start for searching and researching osteopathy and osteopathic medicine in postgraduates studies (Middle East Area)- Since 2008
  • Forming an initial recognition of the definition and Meaning of Osteopathy within healthcare professionals not only in Egypt but in many Middle Eastern Countries (Jordon, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt  and Saudi Arabia)- since 2006
  • Creating awareness of the need of Osteopathic education to Osteopathic international community, by inviting key figures/ Legend Osteopath, Osteopathic Doctors to lectures under international Seminars conducted within Middle eastern Countries like Egypt, etc.
  • Hesham is north Africa and middle east  region representative of International Academy  of Osteopathy.