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OsteoEgypt Short Courses

OsteoEgypt short courses are 2 to 3 days classes designed to provide students or the professional with an in-depth education on a wide range of osteopathy topics. Taught by academic and medical experts, the small class size makes for an excellent opportunity for personalized instruction helping both novices and experts advance their medical expertise and knowledge. We aim to increase the emphasis on the the osteopathic philosophy in practice for medical professionals as well as public awareness of osteopathy within our Middle east and North Africa (MENA) Area.
The main purpose of offering these short courses is to get the osteopathic philosophy in practice into professional’s mind. The offered short courses act as an introductory for osteopathy. Student can decide afterwards to join OsteoEgypt School for full recognition diploma under one of the best schools in Europe and the world (the International academy of Osteopathy- IAO) where you become able to diagnose Somatic Dysfunction and other medical osteopathic problems in order to figure out the proper treatment.

The School offers 6 times long weekends per year (usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday) for 5 years, where the student will be able to apply the philosophy and osteopathic manual skills from the first day of the school. you can join any school as far as it is recognized internationally and follow the criteria of the world health organization benchmark for osteopathic medical education, Please click the link for details on the minimal criteria for Osteopathic Medical Educations worldwide according to the World Health Organization Guideline

Short Courses List

  1. Osteopathy and Women’s Health ( Pelvic Dysfunction ,Pregnancy, Post C-Section Pain and aches, Headaches in Women, post-Menopausal  chronic Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Young Female Sports Injures, etc..)
  2. Osteopathy and Chronic Body pain and its Relations to Visceral Dysfunctions (Diagnosis and Possible Treatments Options)
  3. Osteopathy And Common Pediatric Somatic Dysfunctions (When and How Osteopathy can help disabled children) for PTs and English Speaking Moms.
  4. How to Discover a Problems with your Young Athletes (for English speaking Moms)
  5. Osteopathic Spinal Manipulations ( Pluses and Minuses) Propose, how and why, etc.. for PTs and MDs ONLY
  6. Evaluation of Neuro Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions from Osteopathic Point of View. For MDs and PTs ONLY

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