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OsteoEgypt Free Lectures

Our aim is to increase the awareness of osteopathy within our Middle east and nort Africa (MENA) Area. Hence We are offering free short introductory courses to increase the emphasis on the the osteopathic philosophy in practice for medical professionals as well as public awareness.
For Professional Organization, Education Institution and Hospitals, Please schedule a FREE lecture or short Courses (Osteopathic Day, where we treat your patients)
For public awareness and Non-Medical Group interested to know about Osteopathy: Please schedule a FREE lecture on what is Osteopathy.

Free Lectures list:

1- What is Osteopathy? Common conditions and health Solutions

2- Osteopathy and Physical therapy in Modern Health Care System

3- Sports Injuries for young athletes.

4- How osteopathy fit in a multidisciplinary model in Medical Physical rehabilitation

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