About Us

Modern Osteopathic Academy and Clinic

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the treatment process.

Our Vision

1. Promote and encourage those pursuing medical careers to become certified in osteopathic medicine. This includes providing available educational institutions to support this movement.

2. Promote and encourage current DO’s to practice osteopathy in its true form. In many areas, such as the U.S., only 3-5% of DO’s actually practice osteopathic manual skills on a regular basis.

3. Promote and encourage Physical therapist to join in with supporting and promoting awareness of osteopathy by either continuing their education to become DO’s, or working together and “complimenting” DO’s by adopting the osteopathic philosophy within the scope of PT practice.

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We constantly invest to provide our patienst with high quality care.

The International Academy of Osteopathy, IAO, has signed a FIVE Years commitment with Middle East for Continues educations, Inc. (Osteo Egypt Sister Company) to provide a 5 year modular training. Each year contains 6 modules of 3 days starts Thursday – Saturday The teaching times are from 8:00AM till 6:45PM (on Saturday till 4:00PM). The IAO is using what is called “Blended Learning”, which is a combination of in Classroom teaching and e‐learning. You can learn more about this when you surf to this IAO webpage:http://www.osteopathie.eu/en/training/diplomas/master-of-science-training-in-osteopathy

Students who pass all exams, and who are successful in writing a scientific article get the DO Degree from the IAO. Another very interesting option we want to offer you is to get a Master of Science in Osteopathy, which is a legal diploma in no less than 47 European countries. This consists out of 8 modules (approximately 30 days of in classroom teaching), passing the exams and writing a Master thesis. This opportunity we want to offer you is unique, since the IAO is closely working together with the University of Applied Sciences Tyrol.